Turmeric treats seem to be helping older dogs become more active!

Turmeric has been in the news lately for its anti-inflammatory properties. I incorporated it into my treat recipes to address the arthritis in our 10-year-old big dog and the lipomas in my 12-year-old Italian Greyhound. Thought it would be a great addition without realizing it might actually be so effective.  Well, surprise!  Several of my "test dogs" during my 2016 recipe development phase are older, but my testing was to determine best sizes and flavor. The older dogs' "parents" told me how their dogs were starting to move around more and even get playful. Wow, wasn't expecting that!  I had noticed our big dog improving in the distance she could walk without limping, but wasn't connecting it to all the treats I had been feeding her.

I'm convinced about the benefits of turmeric and have been making Golden Paste and Golden Milk for myself hoping to reduce inflammation in my joints too.

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